Property Valuation

Through our well established cooperation as a company, we offer Property Valuation services of undertaking the valuation of all kind of immovable property in Cyprus. We are Licensed Property Valuators and we can provide a property valuation on the basis of the existing comparable data, bearing in mind the physical and legal characteristics, the potentials, the prospect of the property under study, the trends in values, the economy and the market evidence available, as well as other factors affecting the value of the property.

Main reasons why a property valuation is required

  • For financing purposes, for example to obtain a loan from the bank and have the subject property mortgaged.
  • To find out the Fair Value when a potential buyer or a seller in a property transaction.
  • To find out the Market Value of the property
  • For feasibility purposes
  • For regulatory and accounting purposes.
  • For taxation purposes.
  • For insurance purposes.
  • For dispute purposes – court case involved. For example, rent control law, division of property, inheritance cases, property exchanges, divorce cases, etc


The Property Valuation contains:

  • The Market Value and the Force Sales Value of a property under study.
  • All the relevant legal and physical characteristics of the property and its future potential.
  • Any other information or advice related to the property under study, the Owner or the Potential Buyer would require for the specific valuation use.


For additional information or to directly request for property valuation, please use the contact form or contact us directly as follows: 

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