Quantity Surveying


Our Company “M. NEOCLEOUS Q.S SERVICES L.L.C” provides full range of professional Quantity Surveying Services on vast range of construction projects.

The Services are described below:

Pre – Contract Services

  1. Approximate estimating, preliminary cost control and cost planning.
  2. Advice on tendering procedures and contractual arrangements.
  3. Preparation of tender documents.
  4. Examination of tenders received and reporting thereon.
  5. Preparation of contract documents to be signed by the parties of the contract.
  6. Preparation of tender and contract documents for nominated subcontractors.


Post-Contract Services

  1. Preparation of interim valuations.
  2. Measurement and pricing of variations.
  3. Cost control and assessments of anticipated final cost.
  4. Advice on issues conserving the terms of the contract.
  5. Preparation and negotiation of the final account of the contract.


For additional information or any inquiries regarding our Quantity Surveying Services, please use the contact form or contact us directly as follows: 

By email at : m.neocleous.qs@gmail.com

By telephone at : (00357) 25580591 or (00357) 99533436